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Take Photos Like a Pro

on 11/13/2017 - 07:22 am

Take Photos Like a Pro
1. Up Close & Personal - Snap close-ups. Keep it simple. The less distraction, the better.
2. Flash Off - Keep the flash closed and increase ISO.
3. Design - Look for cool patterns in architecture, textiles etc..
4. Bird's Eye View - Choose unusual angles instead of the basic eye-level view
5. Mirror Effect - Keep an eye out for perfect symmetry in photo ops
6. Shine On - Know where the light is coming from, makes a huge difference!
7. Off the Grid - Line up your subject at either 1/3 to the right or left of the frame (and/or top/bottom)
8. To the Max - Invest in a lens with a huge aperture - go from OK pics to kick-ass ones!

Best Paint Color & Decor Ideas

on 10/08/2017 - 09:29 am

Best Paint Color & Decor Ideas:RED - encourages appetite - Best for restaurants - evokes a sense of urgency - Best for liquidations/clearances or Shop Now CTA'sYELLOW - encourages communication - Best for service industries - shows warmth, very inviting - Best for retail window displaysBLUE - perceived as trustworthy, increases productivity - Best for corporate business - provides a sense of calm, tranquility - Best for airlines and medical practicesPURPLE - represents wealth, wisdom, and respect - Best for beauty and anti-aging products - for the creative and imaginative minds - Best for "outside the box" brands and for the Tween marketORANGE - reflects enthusiasm; happiest color of the ...