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Take Photos Like a Pro

on 11/13/2017 - 07:22 am

Take Photos Like a Pro
1. Up Close & Personal - Snap close-ups. Keep it simple. The less distraction, the better.
2. Flash Off - Keep the flash closed and increase ISO.
3. Design - Look for cool patterns in architecture, textiles etc..
4. Bird's Eye View - Choose unusual angles instead of the basic eye-level view
5. Mirror Effect - Keep an eye out for perfect symmetry in photo ops
6. Shine On - Know where the light is coming from, makes a huge difference!
7. Off the Grid - Line up your subject at either 1/3 to the right or left of the frame (and/or top/bottom)
8. To the Max - Invest in a lens with a huge aperture - go from OK pics to kick-ass ones!

How to Write a Book

on 11/08/2017 - 09:14 am

Writing - Planning - Your Book
1. Big Picture - Start with a one-line summary of your novel
2. Three Acts - Write a synopsis including the 3 acts of your book

3. Spotlight - Write one-page descriptions of each character (very important)
4. Location, Location, Location - Build the setting(s) and determine their significance
5. I or You - Decide on the P.O.V. - it can make or break your novel!
6. It's About Time - Create a pace between scenes and be consistent
7. Pen to Paper - Write your first draft (and then your 2nd, 3rd...)
8. Edit Out - Self-edit and then send out to an Editor
9. Edit In - Revise and Rewrite
10. Off to the Presses - Publish your book. Just do it!
11. ...

10 signs You Are Being Bullied At Work

on 11/01/2017 - 09:51 am

Stop Bullying At Work
1. All Your Hard Work is constantly Undermined and never Good Enough.
2. Surprise Meetings & Presentations are called by your Boss
3. You Always Feel Anxious - Waiting for Bad Things to Happen to You
4. You are never left alone to do your job
5. When You Express an Opinion, it is immediately turned down and shelved
6. Your Co-Workers feel justified to Talk Balk or Berate You in front of others
7. Always Obsessing about Work at home or on vacation
8. You feel nauseous every morning before work
9. No one takes your claims of harassment seriously at work
10. Your request to transfer to an open position is denied

Get Your Work Brain in Gear

on 10/31/2017 - 09:05 am

Re-wire Brain for Back to Work:
1. It's About Time! - Find your best work times. Do your hardest work when you are most alert. For all the creatives: do it when you are tired. Some of the best ideas come when we are exhausted!
2. Cat Nap - A 30-minute mid-day nap can help re-organize all the morning meeting details and clears the mind for new information.
3. Move It - Exercise does a body good - increases mental alertness and punching a bag sounds like a great idea, doesn't it??
4. Focus - Stay away from multi-tasking - it makes your brain less productive and less efficient. Instead, choose one task and do it all at once!
5. Om - Who has time to meditate, you say? 5-10 minutes of medit ...

6 Tools To Use To Get Organized

on 10/30/2017 - 08:34 am

Get Organized with these 6 Tools:

1. Capture All Ideas, Images & Voice Messages in Note Apps

2. Use Your Smartphone Calendar for Events (Alert Notifications are a Bonus)

3. Prepare Spreadsheets to Track Finances, Time & Projects

4. Back Up & Sync All Files

5. Save All Passwords in One Place

6. Store all Important Documents & Images Safely with Online Storage Apps

Top 10 Creative Content Ideas

on 10/28/2017 - 09:29 am

Top 10 Creative Content Ideas:

1. Share "Must-Read" Books  
2. Travel Tips  
3. Bucket List  

4. Interview a Creative Entrepreneur  
5. Share a Sneak Peek of New Projects
6. Compile a List of Resources  
7. Share Favorite Social Media Platforms  
8. List Top 10 Favorite Quotes  
9. Review a Book  
10. Share Testimonials about Your Product/Service in a Creative Way

4 Skills to Get Ahead in Today's Job Market

on 10/25/2017 - 09:18 am

Master these 4 Skills to Get Ahead in Today's Job Market:
1. Focus - As technology increases automation, attention to detail is in decline. Take more initiative and learn time management.

2. Street Smart - Education matters but curiosity and open-mindedness are far more interesting for employers nowadays

3. Resourceful - It's a rapidly changing world, your coping mechanisms are key! Being quickwitted and sharpminded.

4. Stay Humble - Admitting that you "don't know" can work in your favor - be curious, open to learning and honest about your skills.

7 Tips for Effective Reading

on 10/06/2017 - 09:30 am

You can get big benefits by following these rules when reading:
- schedule reading - plan some time;- spend the time to find the right book;

- decide on a goal for reading;
- get acquainted with the book, its cuts down the time it takes to read by 20%;
- control your reading pace, slow down for important parts;
- use a notebook and pencil to mark important ideas;
- summarize specific opinions about the book (review);
-compile a list of the books you have read and those you plan to read.

Share in the comment section some interesting or useful books.Wishing you lots of learning!