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Holiday Cocktails To Cheer You Up

on 12/29/2017 - 08:58 am

Holiday Cocktails To Cheer You Up

1. Go Classic - Mulled Wine
2. Glam It Up - Candy-Cane Cosmopolitan
3. Be Debonair - Cranberry Royale
4. Go Old School - Warm Bourbon Cider
5. Make it a White Christmas - Peppermint Mocha White Russian
6. Go Traditional - Hot Buttered Rum
7. Bubbly Fun - Pomegranate Mimosa
8. Go for the Punch - Add cranberries, orange slices, herbs and your pick of liqueur
9. Irish Mate - Good Old Irish Coffee
10. It's Not Christmas without - Eggnog (Add Brandy & Cinnamon, if you like!)

Stock Up and Save Guide

on 12/04/2017 - 07:28 am

Follow This Guide: Stock Up and Save

1. Seasonal Produce - Apples, Beets, Broccoli, Carrots, Celery, Citrus Fruits, Dates, Kiwi, Kale, Mushrooms, Onions, Pomegranates, Spinach, Sweet Potatoes, Winter Squash
2. Holiday Items - Eggnog, Frozen Pies, Cranberry Sauce, Marshmallows, Sparkling Cider, Deli Platters
3. Baking Goods - Flour, Sugar, Butter, Cream, Cake Mixes, Bread, Pie Crusts, Whipped Cream
4. Canned Foods - Soups, Condensed Milk, Vegetables, Fruits, Sauce
5. Clearance - All Thanksgiving decorations, table settings, and products
6. Golf Gear - Everything Golf!
7. Sales - Jewelry, Toys, Electronics...

Top 10 Soups For Fall

on 10/23/2017 - 10:25 am

Top 10 Soups For Fall

1. Kale & White Bean 2. Carrot-Coconut
3. French Onion
4. Split Pea
5. White Bean Chili w/Autumn Veggies
6. Butternut Squash
7. Roasted Parsnip Pureed with Walnut Pesto
8. New England Clam Chowder
9. Italian Vegetables
10. Beer and Cheddar Soup w/Sausage

Immune Boosting Foods

on 10/23/2017 - 10:13 am

Fall Food Boosters:
Bake a PUMPKIN Pie - Packed with Vitamin A & C. Strengthens defenses against colds, flu, and stress.
Add CRANBERRIES - High in Vitamin C. Powerful detoxifier and inflammation fighter.
Eat raw GARLIC - Tackles infections and bacteria. Boosts blood circulation and cardiovascular health.
Stuff it with MUSHROOMS - Loaded with Zinc - the Superhero of all immunity boosters!
SWEET POTATO fries! - Packed with Vitamin B-6, A & C, Iron, and Magnesium. Stand up against toxins and disease.

What We Eat is What We Become

on 10/16/2017 - 08:45 am

What We Eat is What We Become...
1. Home Cooking - If the cook is happy so will the energy of the food

2. Leave the Attitude at the Door - Eating when in a negative state affects the metabolism of the food
3. Go Organic - Growing your own food connects you to your food, along with Mother Earth.

4. Be Grateful - When we are appreciative of the food we are eating, our body will thank you as well

5. Eat Mindfully - Eat slowly and with intention, you will soon be able to fully enjoy every bite you take.

Travel National Dishes

on 10/11/2017 - 04:07 pm

Travel National Dishes

How many have you tasted? Which one is your favorite?

1. Italy - Pasta

2. USA - Hamburgers

3. UK - Roast Beef & Yorkshire Pudding

4. Mexico - Chiles en Nogada
5. Lebanon - Kibbeh
6. China - Peking Duck
7. Brazil - Feijoada
8. Israel - Falafel
9. India - Tandoori Chicken
10. Canada - Poutine

Spend Less Time Cooking

on 10/01/2017 - 05:41 pm

Keep The Stress Out Of The Kitchen
Spend Less Time Cooking - More Time Enjoying Your Food
1. Save Time - read recipes in advance
2. Prep Time - chop, peel or blend ahead of time
3. Freeze it - cook in batches so all you need to do is defrost
4. Under Pressure - use a pressure cooker; come home to a dinner already ready for you!
5. Invest - in good knives, pots and pans; better quality and cooking process is faster.

Oakville's Lakeshore Strip

on 05/01/2015 - 09:59 am

Oakville's lakeshore strip a model of the form - Yonge Street
As blasphemous as it might be for an Annex boy like myself to say, Oakville's Lakeshore strip is one of the best in the GTA, a mixture of peaceful and bustling that would be difficult to reproduce in Toronto's urban core.