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Take Photos Like a Pro

on 11/13/2017 - 07:22 am

Take Photos Like a Pro
1. Up Close & Personal - Snap close-ups. Keep it simple. The less distraction, the better.
2. Flash Off - Keep the flash closed and increase ISO.
3. Design - Look for cool patterns in architecture, textiles etc..
4. Bird's Eye View - Choose unusual angles instead of the basic eye-level view
5. Mirror Effect - Keep an eye out for perfect symmetry in photo ops
6. Shine On - Know where the light is coming from, makes a huge difference!
7. Off the Grid - Line up your subject at either 1/3 to the right or left of the frame (and/or top/bottom)
8. To the Max - Invest in a lens with a huge aperture - go from OK pics to kick-ass ones!

Top 5 Films About Work and Career

on 11/11/2017 - 09:10 am

In November, all of us need an extra boost of energy and motivation!
Directory Of Oakville presents you with a selection of films that will get you up and moving!
Top 5 films about work and career:
- "Margin Call" (2011); - "The Iron Lady" (2011);- "The Pursuit of Happiness" (2006); - "Up in the Air" (2009); - "Erin Brockovich" (2000).Wishing you good luck and inspiration!

Foodie Personality

on 11/09/2017 - 08:08 am

Foodie Personality

1. "It's grey outside. My deadline is coming up and I'm super stressed. I deserve to eat pizza, fries, and cupcakes today" - the Comfort Foodie
2. "Let's eat cake because it must be somebody's birthday somewhere" - the Sweet Tooth
3. "I would like to order an all-dressed hamburger but no meat, no bun, and no condiments please" - the Super, Annoying Foodie
4. "This project is going to take all night long and we need a pick-me-up - junk food, it is!" - the Fast Food Junkie
5. "I only eat non-dairy, salt-free, gluten-free, raw foods and definitely no meat" - the Health Nut
6. "The food is so pretty. Wait. One second. Okay it's ready for its photo" - the Millenial Food ...

How to Write a Book

on 11/08/2017 - 09:14 am

Writing - Planning - Your Book
1. Big Picture - Start with a one-line summary of your novel
2. Three Acts - Write a synopsis including the 3 acts of your book

3. Spotlight - Write one-page descriptions of each character (very important)
4. Location, Location, Location - Build the setting(s) and determine their significance
5. I or You - Decide on the P.O.V. - it can make or break your novel!
6. It's About Time - Create a pace between scenes and be consistent
7. Pen to Paper - Write your first draft (and then your 2nd, 3rd...)
8. Edit Out - Self-edit and then send out to an Editor
9. Edit In - Revise and Rewrite
10. Off to the Presses - Publish your book. Just do it!
11. ...